Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Work New Shows

It's been so long since I updated this blog, but I have been working my tail off.  I have been working on a new series and have been drawing pages after pages of tattoo flash for Bullseye Tattoos Monster Flash Collection.  I have been very blessed being around such creative and talented people and this has fueled my desire to draw like a crazy mad man...

"Follow Me" By Tamara Weiss
Pen and Ink/ Color Pencil/ Charcoal on Cut Paper

So...if you are in L.A, come check out The Cave Gallery, to see a few of my new pieces.  The opening is January 14th and will be available till February5th.

If you are in Philadelphia, come check out Gleaners in the Italian Market around the same time frame to see more of my work as well as work by Steve Skelly.  Gleaners is kinda of our neighborhood family haunt and we always love being apart of their world..

Be on the look out too for Bullseye's Monster Flash Collection coming soon.  There are some amazing artists on the roster..

"Untamed"By Tamara Weiss
Pen and Ink/ Color Pencil/ Charocal on Cut Paper

On a sad note, My little Meatball, Gwena passed away recently and she will be surely missed.  I had her for over 12 years and she was my co pilot in all that I did.  I can't remember a time when she wasn't covered in pastels and pencil shavings because she was rolling around under my desk.  She even had a trip to the emergency room once when she ate a tube of blue paint, she was a hardcore supporter in all that I did.

We miss ya Meatball

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