Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Launch of Skatebaby

Please check out Skatebaby at my Etsy shop:

Since becoming a mom, I have shifted gears a bit and started Skatebaby, a new venture that sells hand painted skateboard decks for every child.  Although I am still working creating new artwork, I have been inspired by my daughter and have released 7 new original skateboard designs.  

How I got started:

When shopping for nursery design ideas, I wasn't really impressed by what was out there in the market.  I wanted something fun and playful to hang on her wall.  With her dad being a tattoo artist and skateboarder, we had a few skateboard decks lying around the house, and so I jumped on the idea!  Now at two years old, my daughter, is scooting around the house on her very own board. 
I just love the idea of giving a child their very own personalized skateboard deck that can be with them through the years until they begin to ride.  How fun!!

Every skateboard is hand painted using acrylic and color pencils on a 7 ply maple deck.  They can all be customized with a child's name, initials, birth date and color scheme to fit each and every family.

Skatebaby boards are the perfect gift for your family or someone little you love! 

Please check out Skatebaby at my Etsy shop:

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